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How Hot Can You Make It?

Heat Up Your Content Marketing with
Web Publishing Community Networks

Give People and Search Engines What They’re Looking For
Create, Display, Aggregate, and Syndicate Useful Content
SpicyPress Web Publishing & Business Development Platforms offer
Tools, Strategies, and Services for Small Brands & Content Creators to
Improve E-E-A-T Experience, Expertise, Authority & Trust, 
and Influence the Sales Cycle of
Exploration, Discovery, Research, Engagement, and Commitment
We Supply Place(s) to Put Your Info & Ideas

Member Profiles, Dynamic Business Listings, Classifieds, Jobboards, Events,
News/Stories/Articles/Reports, LMS Courses, Podcasts, Sports, Video,
Lead Magnets, Blogs, Landing Pages and Complete Professional Websites

Many Different Vertical Market Platforms

Free and Paid Options
  • Do-it-Yourself DIY   
  • Done-For-You DFY   
  • Do-It-For-Others DFO 
Content Areas Pricing Niche Platforms Hire Help
Discover the Power of Cooperative Marketing

Simple Tasks or Complex Strategies

Connect Content with Brand & Content Creator Identity

Take Advantage of Cooperative Digital Marketing

“Online Marketing Can Seem Like Drinking From a Firehose”

Knowing is One Thing,
Doing is Something Else

This is the Where and How you do the stuff the gurus told you that you needed to do.

Never Pay Retail

Cooperative digital marketing makes things easier to find, less expensive, and simpler to do. More effective, and more efficient. People working together can be powerful stuff (post and share, upgrade status for more resources, lend a hand, etc.).

Tools for the Job

Think of Spicypress as a fully-stocked kitchen full of ingredients, recipes & utensils you can use to cook up and serve marketing cuisine. A simple snack, hearty meal, or complete banquet.

Hire chefs, prep cooks, and caterers as needed. Or volunteer and help write the cookbook.

The appliances are connected, you just need to add the heat. 

Stir up your own content marketing recipes or follow our basic cookbook.

Start slow or go all in.

What to Do, and
How to Do It

But figuring out your options isn’t always simple or straightforward. It’s easy to get overwhelmed or distracted. It happens to experienced veterans, as much as it does to a rookie marketer/entrepreneur/developer/designer.

We’re available to offer recommendations on how to balance the time, money, and effort that’s right for you. We can help organize things, figure out goals and how to get there.  –   Contact Us

When in doubt, simply navigate around the network. You’ll see examples, explanations, ideas, and places to signup and start using.

SpicypressAn important part of the process is to gather together a list of all the profiles/emails/RSS feeds/sites/pages/URL/etc. you want to associate with your business/organization brand. Don’t forget mainstream review URLs (FB, Yelp, TA, AirBnb, GMB), Google & Bing Places ID, maps, etc. Each content contributor needs similar info for their authorship profile. Consider your ‘brand persona’ identity.

As you catch attention, then gain trust, think about funneling people toward where you want to show your offers and communicate via the contact channels you prefer.

Use consistent NAP (name, address, phone) and other contact info (messaging apps etc.). Consider social media/web2 accounts you would like to syndicate to – these will require additional work on those sites to setup API credentials etc. (instructions to follow).

We strongly suggest using Google Business/email resources. You want to be tracked doing activity connected to your niche.

Then create a free membership profile to tie these accounts together and connect to useful content. Then simply  take advantage of the various free and premium resources on the network.  –   Register

Public Information

Google & Bing want to promote your business brand as long as you provide them with the info they’re looking for. The more search engines understand about you, the easier things become. The more you use profile(s) and content, the better things become.

Set ‘data relationships’ that tie ‘entity’ to authority and trust.

Spicypress Community Networks have ‘Content Areas’ to position information, content, and points of contact. These datapoints serve different purposes, and  help people navigate to what they want to see, on the channel they prefer. Meanwhile, search engine and social media algorithms see signals and calculate quality and relevancy. See Content Areas

Networks Connected to Networks 

Spicypress is made up of many web publishing networks focused on different interests and markets. These domains in turn are connected to social media and web2.0 networks.

Each network platform offers a wide array of tools and resources for building brand recognition and performing many other business development tasks.  

You can connect and add content here on Spicypress.com , and/or join more specialized niche communities to better establish E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authority, Trust), and get discovered by your target audience, and funnel them through the sales cycle process. See Platforms

SpicyPress Community Network Ideas

SpicyPress Web Publishing Networks

Powered by Crowd Marketing

A key component of SpicyPress cooperative marketing is the use of Redeemable Activity Points. These incentives reward activity (earned by doing stuff on the network: signup, share, post, survey & poll, etc.) with valuable upgrade access features and bonuses (Digital Chestnuts). 

Communities help establish E-E-A-T through activity and co-citation / co-occurrence connecting brand/creator identity to solutions and helpful information.

Referral rewards make it a no-brainer to get involved sharing and talking about solutions and points of interest found on SpicyPress. There are plenty of resources available to empower people to turn passive income into a side gig, that turns into a freelancing business, into an actual services agency business.


SpicyPress Where Ideas Get PublishedDo What You Do Best, the Network Will Handle the Rest

Networks have built-in convenience for people looking to quickly increase ‘brand’ awareness and attract more attention.  Designed for long-lasting value, it’s simple to get started while lots of free and premium resources give you plenty to do.

Get more results from the marketing work you’re already doing.

It’s easy to simply share a link to your SpicyPress profile and people will get a bit more info about you and maybe find something interesting to follow through to and/or share. You can also do a lot more content creation & distribution while engaging with people where you, and they, want to go. While this is going on, your online presence increases with more mentions.

When we say you need to add the ‘heat’, we’re talking about you adding your info and ideas,  and connecting your other online resources passing through SpicyPress Network Sites. Help is available. Go to Registration

Position Your Brand

Where Ideas Get Published

Spicypress Idea Publisher

Global, Regional, and Local

Business Development
Content Marketing Platforms

How Ideas Get Published

Content That Connects

Organize Your Efforts

Represent Your Value with Useful Info

SpicyPress is about making it easier for people to find what they’re looking for. We think it’s a good idea to give people what they want.  Where, when, and how they want it. 

Aggregating content from many different channels helps humans and search engines figure out what people, organizations, products, and services are about.

We try to create data point relationships using taxonomies, schema, places, links, and activity tracking to build brand identity connected to useful, relevant content. We’re not really innovating, just making it easier and more efficient.

SpicypressProven best-practices using pre-designed templates and common-sense setups make it relatively quick and easy to take advantage of SpicyPress to add lasting value to brand identity.

Roadmap Suggestions

Spicypress RoadmapDon’t worry – your biggest problem is that you’ll have too many options to chose from. We’ll help simplify things while also giving you many ways of doing things the way you want to do them.

Members can ask for help using our Support Ticket system; and Members Only Documentation/Onboarding Tips helps explain common tasks.  FAQ/Use Case scenarios should help steer users toward what they want to know.

An Outsource Directory to hire (and offer) help is scheduled for launch as our base gains traction.

SpicypressSpicypress makes resources available for content marketing that is suitable for limited budget newcomers or seasoned brand marketers and agencies.

BTW: What we really only need are just some more good ideas. From people sharing real answers and solutions to things that other people are interested in and care about.

Let’s Work Together To Build a Better Internet
Co-operative Digital Marketing Starts Here

SpicyPress Web Publishing

Start with free membership profile and go from there.
Each Spicypress Community Network has ‘Content Areas’

Great Place(s) for Public Information

Free and Premium Posting Access is
Available to Members

You can take advantage of SpicyPress Web Publishing here and/or dozens of other vertical market sites.

Explore Niche Platforms See Pricing See Content Areas

*  ‘free content’ areas use redeemable activity points earned by doing stuff on the network: signup, share, post, survey & poll, etc.

** if you want to get noticed more by Google, login to your gmail/google account you use for business when you visit and share sites. And get the most out of your Google Business Profile. Highly recommend using Bing Places for Business too.  Connect it all together:  Start Here

What Do You Have The Most Of: Time, Money, or Effort?

We’ll Help You Balance What You Need and Want to Do


SpicyPress Web Publishing At The Center of Your Network

What Do People See When They Search Your Name, Business, Slogan, Product or Service?

What Ideas Get Published?

Content People Care About

Small & Local Businesses Can Have a Sizable Advantage Over Conglomerates and Big Corporations

Establish Brand Awareness & Relevant Authority


Eric Schmidt, Google CEO

To get your message in front of more people, you need to help algorithms from search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) and social media to understand what you’re about.

This includes everything from location, to what other people think of you, to demonstrating what you’re good at.


Google puts an emphasis on ‘content creators’ when calculating search results. Google Search Quality Rater Guidelines (176 page instructions to thousands of staff checking search result accuracy – and training AI) mentions E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness)… 120+ times.

If they think it’s important, maybe we should too.

SpicypressEven if you don’t rely on Google to bring people to your offers, there are a lot of benefits from learning the why and how they look at things.

You can download the complete evaluator guideline here, or read a shorter overview here: Search Quality Rater Guidelines: An Overview

Give ’em What They’re Looking For

The key is how to demonstrate ‘experience’ along with all the other content creator quality factors that go into search result algorithms. We see Googlebot prioritizing, crawling, and indexing member profiles and activity streams.  Seems like activity gets tracked and measured as demonstrating experience.

Show, don’t tell.

While Community Web Publishing Networks can help get your content seen in more places by more people, it’s also very important to develop content creator trust. People expect to be able to research info before doing business.   Spicypress creates more mentions.

SpicyPress Cooperative Marketing

Google Friendly MarketingHow To Get Discovered and then Convince People To Do Business With You (the Sales Cycle)

SpicyPress Business Development platforms feature tools, strategies, and services to influence & control the Sales Cycle and improve perceptions of Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness.

In an ideal world we try to move potential customers through steps in a sales/acceptance process. 

Exploration, Discovery, Research, Engagement, and then Commitment.

Then there are considerations of life-time value, and the benefits of leveraging existing customers (ratings, reviews, referrals, repeat business). Content marketing is critical to relationship marketing and vice versa.

Start Building E-E-A-T and Influence the Sales Cycle:

Step 1: Establish ‘content creator’ identity.

Start with free membership profile. We see Googlebot crawling and indexing user profiles ahead of other content. ‘Content creator’ is an important factor in calculating search results. When potential customers research products and services, seeing profiles helps build trust and familiarity. – Register

SpicyPress Local Search Blueprint Checklist

Engage with existing and prospective customers throughout the Sales Cycle of Exploration, Discovery, Research, Engagement, & Commitment
Don’t Forget Bing!


Step 2: Connect as much existing content to your profile(s) as possible.

Capture the value of all your channels and platforms by aggregating the information and associating it with your brand content creator identity(s). Basically, get more results from the work you’re already doing.

Incoming feeds can display a lot of info. Member Profiles connect to social media and other sites. Directory listings can display dynamically updated content feeds from social media and blogs. Article postings can be syndicated to multiple social media/web2.0 accounts. 

Hosted sites come equipped with robust creation, display, and syndication tools. Members also have access to Events and Job Board to add content and contact info people and search engines are interested in.

SpicypressAggregate your brand and online presence together to keep your long-term asset value under your control. Maintain focus on your message(s) and offer(s). Funnel people to where you want to do business.


Step 3: Create new useful/helpful content.

We suggest focusing on answering questions instead of ‘promotion’. Google does too. Specific info including location and vertical niche is more valuable than hyperbolic sales speech.

People want a chance to look around a little. Try to give them something interesting to look at and can navigate through to the next interesting thing.

Your content should be about solving audience/customer interest and intent; but make sure your brand is seen in a positive way and easy to navigate to, and thru. For ideas you can peruse what your peers in other locations think is important.

You can use Spicypress to create and syndicate content, or as a place to display content from other sources reaching a wider audience and getting attention from search engines. One good strategy is to refer to other sites/posts/profiles/pages/maps etc.;  (not just your own) as a solution that scratches the itch of your target audience. Being in the same neighborhood as other experts in your field helps raise quality perception.


Step 4: Engage with your peers, as well as, existing and potential customers.

Cooperative digital marketing is an extremely powerful strategy to build Brand SEO and capture new audiences and customers. Simply sharing on social media can have a positive impact on everyone involved. Discussing solutions offered by others in your field can be helpful content. This approach provides lots of things to talk about that people find interesting. Visit sites connected to Spicypress, share, and post.

SpicypressJust remember, building E-E-A-T is not about self-promotion and pitching products; it’s about participation, sharing solutions, and establishing identity. Find your audience; help them find you.

Spicypress Brand SEO

Humans Encouraged

Community networks help people find the info they care about and use the channels they prefer.  The various niche networks organize data relationships naturally from the chaos of online clutter.

Small businesses and organizations can use the same techniques used by large corporations with deep pockets… but on a shoestring budget.

We’re leveraging big mainstream network data points and tapping into existing ways of assessing info. We avoid self-defeating competition and take a more cooperative approach to solving what people and machines want and care about

We advocate taking care of the customer rather than obsessing with competition. That said, we respect the idea of opportunity cost… and strive to help people/brands/companies/organizations do both effective and efficient marketing.

It’s about navigation and making things easier to find. And easier to figure out what people, places, events, products, and services are about. We simply provide a place to link all this stuff together and demonstrate current relevancy.

If you like the idea of collaboration and the common good, this is the perfect place for you. If you’re a bit more self-interested and just looking to do your own thing, welcome!

AI or Not to AI

…that is a question we should ask a ChatBot… or more realistically check analytics data to see what happens.

AI and automation play a role, but focus is on quality and connecting things to particular identities.

We like to say that humans are encouraged, augmented humans tolerated, and AI welcome only a little bit. Until convinced otherwise.

Leverage Existing Work

Marketers that rely on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, TwiXtter, or Pinterest, etc. will get more results from the work you’re already doing by getting that same content out in more places.

Add lasting value to Your brand. Keep people focused on Your message.

Feeds from social media and web2.0 can be displayed here. Automation can syndicate from posts/blogs hosted here to your social media accounts (requires setting up 3rd-party API credentials). Dynamic directory listings present a wide array of useful and interesting information and content feeds.

Know Your Audience

Have you ever heard someone say, or thought this yourself, “I know my customers better than anyone!” ?

That might very well be true; but do you know the customers you’re not getting?

And are you really earning the most benefit you can from your existing and potential customer relationships?

Start by telling people who you are and what you’re about. Then create content and submit listings to focus on your brand identity and product/service/cause. Create profiles for your brand and content creator status.  – Register

Free and Paid Options

Available tools handle many, if not most, tasks needed to improve online marketing from simple one-time projects to complex strategies involving full-time work. Do a little… or a lot… to boost E-E-A-T and influence the Sales Cycle.

DIY or outsource.

*  ‘free content’ areas use redeemable activity points earned by doing stuff on the network: signup, share, post, survey & poll, etc.

** if you want to get noticed more by Google, login to your gmail/google account you use for business when you visit and share sites. And get the most out of your Google Business Profile – especially your Places and Maps info. Using Bing Webmaster Tools / Bing Places is a good idea too.

*** keep in mind, social networks allow multiple accounts to help you separate areas of interest i.e. business profile connected to business content

PLEASE NOTE: SpicyPress quality content guidelines require adherence to content that is suitable for work.

The Networks ARE NOT SUITABLE for unsupervised children, but we require content to be suitable for viewing by supervised children.

SFW ‘Safe for work’ is mandatory required – this includes whatever you’re linking to.

Compliance standards apply in all aspects of network use. When in doubt, please read Terms of Use – rules are enforced.

SpicyPress is all about open information and transparency. This requires members to embrace promoting their identity along with their message, offers, and info. 

SpicyPress Web Publishing Networks

  • Do-it-Yourself DIY
  • Done-For-You DFY
  • Do-It-For-Others DFO

SpicyPress Membership

Member Profiles

SpicyPress Authorship

Article Posting

Spicypress Directory

Dynamic Listings

SpicyPress Advertising


SpicyPress Events


Spicypress Job Board

Job Board

SpicyPress Video Galleries


SpicyPress Classified Ads


SpicyPress Managed Hosting


SpicyPress Activity Points

Activity Points

SpicyPress Events

Products & Services

SpicyPress Partners

Affiliates & Resellers
See Pricing

SpicyPress Support



Ready and Eager to Help
(but you need to login as a SpicyPress member first)

Whose Ideas Get Published?

Content Creator Identity

Everybody Has a Story to Tell and
There is Plenty to Talk About

SpicyPress offers places to put your content that connect to where more people can see it. 

How Hot Can You Make It?

Cooking Up Ideas: How Hot Can You Make It?

We’re committed to helping small businesses and organizations compete against larger conglomerates and corporations.

We leverage an array of premium quality tools with innovative best practices. We try to balance the Time, Money, and Effort it takes to have a successful online business presence.

Cooperative marketing means shared resources cut costs, but it also means working together can quickly establish small and local brand relevancy and crucial E-E-A-T.

We help people figure out how to do things themselves; we provide contract services; and encourage 3rd-party agencies and freelancers to assist their customers using our shared resources.

For example: sign up for Authorship membership and use the Topics content area to post that can then be syndicated to your social media/web2.0 accounts. And benefit from built-in SpicyPress content RSS promotion and brand/creator identity SEO.

Useful and interesting content can come simply by taking a look at what your peers are doing and saying. Check out other member content and sites, follow links, and share. Write a post about what is helpful, mention location, niche, and problems solved. Add a Google maps reference and things begin to get noticed.

Doing these types of things earns redeemable Activity Points that can be exchanged for desirable upgrades and services.

Basically, we start by hosting a place to create, display, aggregate, and syndicate content and establish content creator E-E-A-T. Additional resources cover a wide range of marketing tasks.

Website for rent

Don’t Forget Ernest Hemingway’s Writing Rules

The Kansas City Star Style Guide For Famous Writers

  • Use short sentences.
  • Use short first paragraph.
  • Use vigourous language!
  • Be positive, not negative.

Spicypress Hemingway's Rules

Who Uses Web Publishing Community Networks

Something For Everybody

  • End-user Customers looking for product and services information;
  • Small Businesses and Organizations building online presence and reputation;
  • B2C/B2B Vendors serving these markets;
  • 3rd-Party Contractors, Freelancers, and Agencies;
  • Content Creators, Writers, Videographers, Graphic Artists, and Virtual Assistants;
  • Marketers, Consultants, SEO, Designers, and Developers;
  • Advocates, Influencers, Agents Of Change, Digital Nomads, and Reporters;
  • Data Analysts, Students, and Educators;
  • Gamers, Players, Referees, and Coaches;
  • Comedians, Dancers, and Musicians;
  • Schools, Academies, Teachers, Instructors, and Students;
  • Researchers, Quality Inspectors, and Learning Machines;
  • Admins, Managers, Monitors, Editors, Contributors, Authors, Participants;
  • Novice Users and Seasoned Professionals;
  • Readers, Publishers, Advertisers…and… You?
SME Small and Medium Enterprise
Non-Profits & Associations
Mom and Pop Brands
Shoestring Budgets
Agency Level
Gig Economy
Digital Nomads
One Man Shows
Brick and Mortar
Emerging Players
Start-up Launches
Brownfield Renovations
Evergreen and Greenfield

Why Use a Community Network

Make Your Information Easier to Find,
Get More Mentions, In More Places, in Front of More People


Boost Results On All Your Web Properties
Google Friendly Marketing

A Web Publishing Network is about Google Friendly Marketing best-practice Brand Identity, Authorship, Automation, and Syndication.

Network sites can aggregate your posts from social media and other blogs/sites (including real reviews from Google, Facebook, Yelp, Tripadvisor, AirBnB).

Created content gets distributed and shared. Large scale ‘topic clusters’ funnel attention toward solutions (your offer). Co-citation and co-occurrence establish relevancy and boost authority. More mentions builds positive perceptions.

It’s easier for people to find information they want, and gives search engines the ‘data relationship’ that ties ‘entity’ to authority, and ultimately search results. This in turn has a positive effect on CRO conversion rate optimization (i.e. close more customers) as people find info when searching your brand, name, service, or products. More trust means more business.

Our guiding principle: inform users, educate audiences, or bring awareness to a cause, organization or company. We use shared resources and automation to cut costs and improve return on investment of time, energy, and money. People welcome, augmented humans tolerated.

Explore Niche Platforms See Content Areas See Pricing Hire Help

Connect Brand Info, Authorship, and Social Media

Create Useful Content To Be Seen By More People in More Places


SpicyPress Networks

People and Search Engines Are Interested in
E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authority, Trust)

A good way to establish E-E-A-T is through content marketing that offers solutions to problems with a focus upon “user intent” (what the person is looking for & cares about).

Also consider what potential customers see about you, and your product or service, when they do research before committing to purchase.

People go through several steps on the way to buying something. E-E-A-T content plays an important role in managing your customer Sales Cycle. 

Exploration, Discovery, Research, Engagement, and then Commitment.

This process can be simple and happen quickly; or can be complex and require a lot of time, effort, and resources.

How do people find you, then what happens?

Bring Together Content and Identity

Content marketing works better when we pay attention to things like ‘entity’ and ‘data relationships’. 


SpicyPress market-focused platforms have different places to put content that is interesting to people while using identity and activity to give search engines the signals they’re looking for. These ‘factors’ get calculated to decide how much of your info shows up in search results and mentions in social media.

This increases your Brand SEO all across the web. 

The great thing about boosting reputation is that helping someone else get noticed (share/post) also boosts your own results. That’s part of crowd marketing that can be very effective.

Sharing and explaining solutions is a lot better than ‘dumb’ links that don’t really help anyone.  Real and organic tastes better than artificial. Use the right ingredients.

Automate, syndicate, and outsource.

SpicypressExtend your reach and get more from your existing content. Community network relevancy leverages the value of co-citations and co-occurrence data relationships. Shared resources keep costs to a minimum. 

Let Audiences & Customers Find You on the Channels They Prefer

Funnel Them Back To Where You Want To Do Business

Member profiles start tying together various online profiles, connect them to places and other people. Then activity and content you create aggregates and syndicates depending on what you want to do.  Options are available for different ways of contact.

Compelling Value Proposition

It just makes sense.

  • Add SpicyPress to the mix of whatever marketing you’re already doing.
  • Use existing content, create new content, link it all together and tie it to your brand identity.
  • Do one small task, or undertake complex long-term projects.
  • Do it yourself, get help. and/or help others.
  • Cooperative marketing and shared resources mean both low costs and better results. 

SpicyPress Disney Just Do It

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing”

Walt Disney, 1957

SpicyPress Web Publishing Networks

Content Areas

Publish and Share Your Ideas Here

Small Tasks to Big Projects

“Set and forget”, or make it part of the daily grind. Affordable, versatile and flexible.

Start fast or go slow. Use a few tools, or fully manage marketing tasks and CRM Customer Relationship Management.

Network resources are good for people wanting to learn as they grow an online presence, as well as, professionals eager to take advantage of the tools and strategies they know will produce the results they’re looking for.

Too Many Choices?
  • Start with a free membership and complete your Profile.
  • Then take advantage of free* content areas such as Events or Job Board
  • Upgrade to premium for additional resources incl. Directory Listings or Article Posting
  • Rent a Network Subsite Website for things like blogging/vlogging, landing pages, video, … the list goes on.
  • Share, post, poll, signup and earn redeemable Activity Points
  • Don’t forget to earn generous referral rewards.
  • We’ll help you figure out ways to bring visitor traffic to your points of contact

SpicypressScroll down for more details on content areas. 

*  ‘free content’ areas use redeemable activity points earned by doing stuff on the network: signup, share, post, survey & poll, etc.

Keep in mind you can hire help ranging from Virtual Assistants, Freelancers & Gigs, etcetera all the way to complete project management.

Spicypress Content Marketing

  • Do-it-Yourself DIY   
  • Done-For-You DFY   
  • Do-It-For-Others DFO 
See Pricing

Spicypress Membership

  • Membership is Free 
  • Useful Profile Information
  • Member RSS Feeds
  • Insider Access 
  • Earn Activity Points
    (Just By Signing Up)
  • Referral Rewards Program
Member Directory

Membership is First Step

Member Profiles

Valuable member profiles connect relevant Activity and Content to Your Brand Identity tied to Social Media, Citations, and Website(s). Members are encouraged to share beneficial information.

Membership is Free and premium upgrades provide access to an impressive array of effective tools.


Completing your SpicyPress Member Profile is the first step toward boosting your E-E-A-T Score! Redeem activity points for access to additional content areas; and take advantage of shared resources for low-cost access to upgraded features and services.

Associate your identity with relevant content, activity, and social media.  Get Started

Cooperative Digital MarketingActivity Rewards make participating very worthwhile.

News, Stories, Topics

  • Premium Option
  • One-Time or Monthly Quota
  • Syndicate to Social Site(s) *
  • Spicypress RSS Promotion
  • Posting Earns Activity Points

* requires destination API credentials

Topics News & Stories

Membership is First Step

Authorship: Topic Articles, News & Stories

Member submitted “helpful solution” content including news, tips & advice articles, and company/product/service updates. 

SpicyPress Web Publishing Networks are about ‘Google Friendly’ best-practice Brand Identity, Authorship, Automation, and Syndication.   Inform users, educate audiences, or bring awareness to a cause or company.

SpicyPress Topic content is a great approach for established and emerging brands and content creators looking to get their work seen in front of new audiences. Make a direct connection between relevant useful content and your brand identity and content creator profile. Point to other websites as a solution/answer to problems/questions people are interested in.

Keep in mind that Google stresses evaluating ‘authors’ when calculating SERP search results.

Problem-solving content found across the internet will boost E-E-A-T; and it will increase the chances of getting discovered and improve perception when potential customers do research. This, in turn, boosts CRO conversion rate optimization when people are ready to buy.

Appropriate syndication automation gets more results with a lot less effort. Articles posted on the network will benefit from co-citation / co-occurrence RSS feed promotion and social sharing. You also have the opportunity to syndicate to multiple social media accounts (including Google Business Profile!).

Cooperative Digital Marketing‘Authorship’ Article Posting is a premium option for members with choice of one time posting or monthly quota subscriptions. Posting is based on WordPress architecture with many enhancements. 

Members-only documentation explains your options.


Please note this is about building authorship credibility, it’s not an anonymous spammy low-quality PBN. This is where you represent quality & added value, and leverage useful information.

Please refer to Terms and Conditions, and Content Guidelines. 


Start by creating your authority profile on SpicyPress.

Business Directory

  • Premium Option 
  • Business Contact Information
  • Website Snapshot
  • Blog Feed Display 
  • Social Content Feed Display 
  • NAP Citation
  • Map 
  • Local SEO 
  • Brand SEO 
  • Video Channel Display 
Business Directory

Membership is First Step

Directory Listings

Business citations with a difference. Listings feature detailed information about brands, companies, and organizations.

People can conveniently see your current content and info, and follow links to what they care about.

Dynamic updated feeds from social media & other content sources keep readers, Google, and Bing coming back to see what’s new. Unique links to your social and Google reviews, as well as, your Google Business Profile (map and places data) add even more value.

Much more than just an online business card.

Directory listings are a premium option available to members. Get Started by signing up on SpicyPress and creating your profile. 

Job Board

  • Volunteers 
Job Board

Membership is First Step

 Job Board

Post or apply for jobs.

In-house, outsourced, permanent, or temporary. Fulfill your staffing requirements, or land that next career move or short-term gig.

A great way to gain trust and authority, and to generate engagement and mentions.

Job Board listings are free for members using redeemable activity points. Begin by signing up on SpicyPress and creating your profile.

Events Calendar


Membership is First Step

Events Calendar

Read or post upcoming events including webinars.

Google loves to index events and follows links.

Very good for building trust, authority, and expertise while making more people aware of what’s going on with your organization and industry.

Event listings are free for members. Begin by signing up on SpicyPress and creating your profile.



Spicypress Content Marketing


under construction


SpicyPress Website Hosting


Membership is First Step

Managed Hosting

Websites, Blogs, and Landing Pages

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SpicyPress hosts subsites on the network. Sites incorporate page builders, templates, and plugins feature premium quality websites/landing pages/tier 1 blogs for emerging brands and industry bloggers. Lead generation, social media marketing, CRO conversion rate optimization, and SEO are built-in.  Preconfigured for easy setup. 

Professional look and functionality options. Ideal for content and relationship marketing. Create targeted lead generation landing pages and/or supercharge your blogging. Distribute and post feed content.

Spicypress HostingBased upon WordPress., templates and page builders make things quick, easy. Exportable content (you own the data).  Flexible selection of themes and plugins enhance capabilities. Tried and true proven approaches.

Most tools are based on WordPress GNU/GPL licenses which means ideas and help are readily available from the WP Community just by searching. Premium support requires premium licensing. Get Started DIY and upgrade with help when you know what you want. 

Cooperative Digital MarketingIMPORTANT: be advised this is managed site hosting on our multisite network(s); webmasters will not have a lot of technical access. Email service not included in plans. Read more about features and limitations, here.

Managed hosting with unmatched value with built-in SEO and access to high-quality collections of premium themes and plugins. Find out more details about Marketing Websites.

SpicyPress Website Hosting

“Dollar-a-Day” Managed and Hosted Premium Websites Available

Personalized hosting allows using your domain or simply a subfolder of Spicypress: yoursite.com or spicypress.com/yoursite/.  After selecting a subscription plan, website templates automate much of the setup and basic configurations.

Potential Uses For Spicypress Hosted Sites

Spicypress Hosting

Primary Website

Host your primary branded site here. Great value with access to extensive collection of leading namebrand premium plugins and themes.

Tier One Blogs

Take advantage of tools and built-in SEO advantage. Aggregate and syndicate from multiple social and web2.0 sites.

Landing Pages
LMS Courses
Amazon Affiliate Shop

Easily create a site to earn affiliate commissions. 

eCommerce Shop

Dropshipping or Direct Sales using Woocommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, or various Forms integrated with payment gateways.

Cooperative Digital MarketingPlease Note: email service is NOT included in hosting plans, 3rd-party email service may be required for some functionality. Syndication to social and web2 accounts typically requires API credentials. Please refer to FAQ for more info. For security purposes, custom scripts and FTP access are also not available or allowed. Be aware that content standards apply – please refer to Terms of Use before subscribing to hosting. 

Managed Hosting
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  • Done-For-You DFY   
  • Do-It-For-Others DFO 




Spicypress Content Marketing

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Spicypress Content Marketing Products & Services Marketplace

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Spicypress Content Marketing


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Video Gallery


Spicypress Content Marketing

Video Gallery

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SpicyPress Activity Points

Spicypress Partners

Activity Points

Activity on the network is rewarded with points that can be redeemed for access to valuable features and digital chestnuts. 

As Google focuses more on content creator quality factors it has evolved to try to determine ‘experience’ along with everything else. Googlebot/Rankbrain look at activity. Spicypress shows your activity.  Not only that, we reward it too!

What the heck are Digital Chestnuts? 



  • Referral Rewards 
  • Outsource Directory 
  • Reseller Packages 
  • Cooperative Digital Marketing
  • Side Gig or Enterprise Launch
  • Humans Encouraged
  • Augmented Humans Tolerated
  • 100% AI … Need Not Apply ! 
  • DIY Do-it-Yourself
  • DFY Done-for-You
  • DFO Do-it-for-Others

Spicypress PartnersPartners

Web Publishing Community Networks are most successful when cooperative marketing clicks into place. SpicyPress encourages activity, and offers opportunities to build brand recognition.

We rely on our members and users to promote their peers as well as themselves.

Focus On What You Do Best,
Let the Community Handle the Rest

Collaboration, Outsourcing, Crowd Marketing, Cooperation, Co-occurrence, Co-citation … Community

Talking about things and sharing is valuable, and deserves positive payback as you pay-it-forward.

Spicypress Referral RewardsAffiliates

Incentives include generous referral rewards that earn affiliate income*. Simply attracting attention to your own content can end up generating real money, and valuable services.

Agencies & Freelancers

We encourage participation by 3rd-party independent freelancers and agencies.

Support your existing or potential clients, as well as, Spicypress users.

Common task or project services might include:

  • Relationship markteting management
  • Lead Magnets / Lead Generation
  • Brand Management / Brand SEO
  • Email service setup to use for CRM relationship marketing (3rd Party email service required).
  • Content Creation – posts, video, images, graphics, copy, etc. 
  • Advertising management – ad copy, bidding, pixels, analytics, & landing pages, email, etc. 
  • Social Media management – aggregate & syndicate, dev access for API credentials, etc.
  • Website management, development, and design
  • Account Management
  • NAP & Places Citations
  • All things Google [and Bing]. 
Activity Points & Digital Chestnuts

Spicypress Activity PointsSomething worth sharing.

We try to provide compelling reasons to explore SpicyPress, share things, and signup to participate even more. Redeemable Activity Points entice potential and existing users to do more on the network. Lottery drawings come with even more reasons to signup to get valuable network prizes, bonuses, and upgrades. 

Digital Chestnut gifts have actual value. The bonus on top. Video snippets, bonus points awards, upgrades, free services, etc.  

Commitment to Quality

Please keep in mind that SpicyPress networks maintain quality standards so please refer to Terms of Use before starting projects that don’t follow the spirit and intent of the community. Value requires quality [according to the SpicyPress secret formula].

SpicypressBe confident that supporting SpicyPress is good for you, your friends, and customers.

You can stake your reputation on building Brand SEO using cooperative digital marketing.

Read more about  –  Partners


* affiliate rules and limitations apply. please read more  –   Affiliates

Spicypresss Support

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  • DFY Done-for-You
  • DFO Do-it-for-Others
  • Onboarding Suggestions
  • Support Tickets 
  • Documentation
  • FAQ
  • Use Case Roadmaps
  • Hire Help
  • WordPress Communities


Spicypress Support

Please be realistic in your expectations.

By default SpicyPress is DIY.

We will try to help, but there are limitations.

Premium support requires premium licensing.

Contact Us

For general inquiries, please contact us

Support Tickets

Members can submit support tickets here.


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Frequently Asked (and Anticipated) Questions 

Use Case Scenarios 

Use Case Scenarios 

Hire Help

Hire Help

Existing Users Can Access Their Account – here

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Step 1: Signup for basic membership. Register

Step 2: Navigate to Content Area(s) and follow prompts for payment or points redemption. Points are awarded for signing-up and other activity.

Step 3: Follow onboarding suggestions.

Step 4: Repeat 

Spicypress Disclaimer

Cooperative Digital MarketingDisclaimer: SpicyPress isn’t magic. You can’t just click a button and solve everything. It is a collection of dozens of hosted tools that work with your social media, websites, and other accounts including Google and Bing. It takes some work to set up everything, but it’s worth it. 

Cooperative Digital MarketingManage Expectations: Support isn’t going to be the best you’ve ever experienced. There will be technical glitches. The 3rd-party social networks we connect to periodically change their API so expect to occasionally revisit things to check/edit settings. You will probably get frustrated at some point trying to figure out the next step in a task you’re working on. We pledge to keep improving things and lend a hand when we can. Premium support requires premium subscriptions.

Spicypress Disclaimer

Cooperative Digital MarketingPlease Contact Us for advice and recommendations. We’ll help find ways to balance the Time, Money, and Effort it takes to become more successful online.

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