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Everything we offer is designed to help achieve these basic primary goals:

Get Found

Whether it is a website or blog, directory listing, or simply being involved in community activity; SpicyPress delivers a variety of advanced tools and a strategic organizational structure following current Best Practices (following Google guidelines as well as incorporating a number of tools and strategies that are proven to be effective) to create a “social signals”, rank well in search engine results, and to gain exposure to targeted niche audiences.

Additionally, directories and websites include maps and driving directions to help people find physical locations.

Communicate Your Message

“The Medium is the Message” – Marshall McLuhan, 1964

How you convey your information is sometimes more important than what you have to say. Professionally designed themes and plugins for individuals, organizations and businesses make presenting your information better and easier. This in turn enhances brand identity and instills confidence in your audience resulting in a competitive advantage.

SpicyPress offers many resources and tools for an almost unlimited variety of ways to present your information online. Communicating your message also involves goal conversion – people taking the action you want them to. This includes everything from a prospective customer calling you, trust-factors and sales funnels leading to an online purchase, discount coupons driving foot traffic to your store or restaurant, to list-building offers and newsletters that develop long term customer relationships, to people sharing your content by social media, and much more.

Connect with People

In addition to sites designed for interaction and goal conversion; social media network sharing is ingrained in the SpicyPress approach. We also provide newsletter and email management functionality and other methods for keeping in touch with people including a members only internal community messaging system, niche market forums and Q&A.

Build Lasting Value

Investing time in developing your web presence should deliver benefits into the future. Quality lasts.

Target Marketing

Niche Markets

The SpicyPress Web Publishing network connects websites and listings by special interest niches and provides a variety of ways for people and businesses to promote things such as:  events, ideas, projects, products, and services.

In addition to being connected to other relevant sites and providing opportunities for user interaction (forums/Q&A, etc), Community Networking sites include city guides, business directories, advertising and websites that firmly establish a niche authority.

Hosted and Managed Websites

SpicyPress Websites are a good solution for anyone looking to concentrate on the ‘customer facing’ parts of being online rather than having to deal with the many headaches of installing and maintaining website components.

Premium quality at very affordable prices. Take advantage of economy-of-scale where many different website owners share the overhead costs of technical and security support, and theme and plugin licensing. We empower small business and people with limited resources to have the same tools as large corporations, without the same costs involved. Done for you, or DIY do-it-yourself.


These websites are suitable as your primary website or as a way to increase your web presence and authority and promote your other websites.  Your domain name or ours.

Lead Generation

For most businesses one of the primary reasons behind having a Web Presence is to generate leads from new potential customers.

Lead Generation

Make it easy for people to find your business, understand your offer and connect with you.  Improve Your Business with Lead Generation Solutions


Advertising works to quickly send targeted and qualified visitors to your website, listing or offer. However costs and effectiveness can get out of control without proper management.


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Content Marketing

It is widely accepted that Good Content is the key to online success.

What the definition is for “good content” will be different for every type of website and purpose.  But an important concept to keep in mind is the idea of “content marketing”.

Content Marketing has evolved into one of the most effective means for attracting and keeping new business.  We provide a variety of ways to enchance content marketing capabilities. Content Marketing Content is a large and important subject, please read more here.


Video Marketing

Video marketing has become almost mandatory for promoting websites and listings.

Video Marketing

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Mobile Websites

If you don’t have a website that is designed for use by mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), then “You’re Not Doing it Right!”.

Mobile Responsive

There are several different approaches to having a mobile website.

Mobile Responsive

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Interactive Web2.0

Web2.0 can be interpreted simply as ‘user generated’ content.  Visitor Engagement is a critically important factor to online success. If people are encouraged to participate and contribute on your site, then your conversion rates will increase. They are much more likely to do what you want them to. This is also a very high ranking factor for Google. They track user behavior with a lot of detail.


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list Building / Relationship Marketing

Relationahip Marketing

Relationship Marketing

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eMail Marketing

eMail Marketing Solutions

Email Marketing

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Visitor Conversions

Converting website visitors into customers is pretty much the point for most business websites.


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Social Marketing

Social Marketing

Social Marketing

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

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Authority and Brand Promotion

Authority and Brand Promotion

Brand Management

Click Through to Brand and Authority Solutions


eCommerce Shopping Carts

It is now possible to have full-featured eCommerce Shopping Carts using WordPress. This has many advantages over most ‘stand-alone’ shopping cart websites because of WordPress build-in features for social interaction and creating and adding content to support promoting products.


Shopping carts are generally setup using Plugins which will work with most themes, however some themes are designed specifically in support of eCommerce.

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Events Management

Events management

events management

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Fundraising for non-profits and organizations can be a lot more than simply asking for a donation. Fundraising

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Bookings and Reservations

Bookings and Reservations


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Generate Visitor Traffic

Generating Traffic

Visitor Traffic

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Customer Service

Customer Service Solutions

Customer Service

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Training and Tutorials

Training and Tutorials

Ever feel like figuring out how to do web work is like drinking from a firehose?

Pick your battles and concentrate on learning how to do what you really need to do, or better yet, do what you enjoy doing but want to learn more about how to do it better. Outsource the rest, and/or take advantage of


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Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Brand Authority

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