SEO Search Engine Optimization – Does it Still Matter?

SEO is an important part of Web Publishing, and our websites and directories are designed with safe, effective and efficient Search Engine Optimization in mind. From overall concept, to the design of the networks, the technology architecture, WordPress themes, and built-in and optional tools – everything supports optimizing search engine results.

Changes to Google’s search algorithms, has led many people to declare that "SEO is Dead!". Truth be told, Search Engine Optimization is more important than ever, it’s just the old way of doing things no longer works.

Don’t Try to Fool Google, Give Google What it Wants

SERP (search engine results position – ie. where your web page is on the list of search results) for keywords used by people in search depends on a variety of factors, but two predominant concepts are: 1) "Authority" and 2) How Well the Search Engine Understands Your Content.

Authority — is typically determined by quality content and social signals, which are measured by onsite activity with people using Google+, Facebook and Twitter, etc and the authorship authority of contributors, and also measured by incoming links from relevant other authority sites (Google now also measures the traffic from them to verify legitimate links – meaning if a whole bunch of backlinks point to your site, but no visitor traffic is coming from them, they are devalued, and you might get flagged for web spam… be cautious of advice from ‘SEO experts’… things are different now).

The more search engines know about your content, the more likely you will rank higher in SERP. This involves both On-Site and Off-Site factors. Well thought out organization/navigation is important for both a good visitor experience as well as search engine rankings. SERP is influenced by internal linking, anchor texts, related/relevancy and LSI (latent symantic indexing – a fancy phrase for related terms or simply put, synonyms), meta data, structured data/rich snippets and a lot more. Google SEO Beginners Guide.

SpicyPress serves as a great way to boost all these factors.

SEO is a big subject and will be updating periodically with new information, discussions and tutorials.

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