How to Enable Google Authorship

With the release of Genesis 1.9, it is easy for you to allow Google to associate your content with your Google+ profile.

By following these steps you should see your Google profile image being shown on your search results, and mark you as the author of that piece of content.

1. Add Google+ Profile Link

Go to the edit user screen in your WordPress dashboard and scroll down until you see the option box for your Google+ profile link. Here’s what that looks like:

Google Author Highlights

Use the format below, where the number in bold is your Google+ user ID:

To confirm that you’ve done this properly, you can view the source of your blog post and look for the highlighted code:

Google Author Highlights

2. Add Google+ Contributor Link

Now you’ll need to add a reciprocal link back from your profile to the site(s) you just updated. You can do this by going to your Google+ profile page, and editing the Contributor To section.

In the dialog that appears, click Add custom link, and then enter your website URL. Here’s what that looks like:

Google Author Highlights

3. Test Google Author Highlights

Lastly, you’ll want to test that you set up the first two steps properly. Thankfully, Google has provided a Structured Data Testing tool to check it for you.

Here’s an example of a blog post where Google Author Highlights has been properly set up and a screenshot to show you:

Google Author Highlights

Note: this is a built in SEO feature. If you are using an SEO plugin instead, this feature will also be disabled.