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The SpicyPress committment to value means that all website plans have access to almost 200 high-performance WordPress themes. Please note that you Do Not need to select your theme before registering your account and you can change themes right from your SpicyPress Admin Dashboard. We apologize for providing so many themes, picking one might be the hardest part of Web Publishing! Selecting a Theme mostly comes down to the purpose of your website, and then your personal preferences. There is not one single right answer.

Themes For Every Purpose
Mobile Websites

Mobile Websites

Themes that work on mobile devices are now mandatory for any business, and really for just about anyone with a website. We have a great selection and numerous strategies to help you Go Mobile. Most themes we offer are responsive, which means they collapse down to display and work properly on the small view screens found on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. As an option many businesses also want a Moble Only website designed specifically for mobile devices. Read More about Mobile Website Options.

Featured Theme Frameworks

It has been suggested that the Genesis Theme framework is the right choice for those looking to do a lot of customizations (but customization isn’t necessary); and that Elegant Themes are the right choice if you don’t anticipate needing customization (but customizing is possible).

Genesis Premium Themes

Genesis Framework & 40 Premium Themes

Genesis is widely regarded as one of the very best theme frameworks available for WordPress. Professional designs and great features. Highly recommended for just about any website. A favorite among developers.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Framework & 87 Premium Themes

Elegant Themes is noted for having some of the nicest designs on the web. If you want an attractive theme with good features, without customizations, Elegant Themes might be your choice.

Special Purpose Websites

Local Business and Lead Generation Themes

We have a very good selection of themes designed for local business and generating leads. They are easy to setup and update, many include niche related images and come pre-packaged with great features and functionality.

Special Interest – Portfolio, Travel, Social and Video

SpicyPress includes a nice selection of special interest themes.

Affiliate Marketing / Adsense Themes

Powerful and highly-optimized affiliate marketing themes are also available.

eCommerce Shopping Cart Themes

Themes designed for online sales.

Premium Themes


All SpicyPress website plans include over 150 high-performance themes.

Please note that you Do Not need to select your theme before registering your account and you can change themes. Themes are available through your SpicyPress Admin Dashboard.

We apologize for providing so many themes,
picking one might be the hardest part of Web Publishing!

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Local Business and Lead Generation Themes

Local Business and Lead Generation Themes

Most of these themes are pre-bundled with plugins and useful features. Some include niche related graphics and photos.

Rockstar Biz Theme

RockStar Biz Theme

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Agency Pro Theme

Agency Pro

This theme is fully equipped with responsive layout, awesome drag & drop page builder, advanced theme options panel, more than 500 Google web fonts, unlimited color customization, and more…

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WP Local Dominator Theme

WP Local Dominator

Local Business website theme. Optional reservations plugin works for all types of businessses to capture contact details from interested visitors.

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FB Mobi Social

FB Mobi Social Theme

Mobile-ready websites with matching Facebook page templates styled for local businesses.

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ElegantBiz WordPress Theme

AmazeWP ElegantBiz WordPress Theme

Kasep WP Theme

Kasep WP Theme

WP Offliner Theme

WP Offliner

WP Offliner Theme

WP Offliner LITE

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This theme works well as a guick and easy ‘hybrid’ site to make it easy for people to contact you, and get directions, as well as for you to show off featured products or services. Niche theme packs include a variety of images for local businesses.

[/one-half] [one-half last=”y”] Easy to Use Themes for Local Shops

  • Push Button Simple – Customize in just a few clicks!
  • Turn-Key Designs – Get your new website up & running in just minutes!
  • Widgets – Ready to display testimonials, product features, portfolios, call to action button, social buttons and more.
  • Gallery Page Template – Neatly display all your items
  • Point & Click Style Editor
  • Google Maps Directions Generator
  • SEO Options
  • Language & Translation Options
  • Responsive Mobile Friendly Theme

PremoPress Swift Commerce

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PremoPress WP Auto Mall

There are lots of awesome features including “Car Comparisons” “Car Inventory Uploading”, “Staff Pages”, Google Map Directions, Social Links, Testimonial Widgets, SEO Options And More… All of our themes are super simple to customize and setup, and are literally point and click, with live preview as users build the theme. This theme is RESPONSIVE so is MOBILE FRIENDLY too!

PremoPress WP AutoMall

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WP Social Press

WP Social Press Theme

A versatile and powerful theme for Internet and Social marketers. Packed with Integrated Features.

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Special Interest - Portfolio, Travel, and Video

All Themes are Included in All Plans – Available Direct from Your SpicyPress Admin Dashboard

Woothemes Postcard

WooThemes Postcard

Postcard is a beautiful travel-blogging theme with neat Google Maps integration allowing you to geo-tag posts with locations and display your recent travels on widgetized maps. Its packed full of all the functionality a traveller needs to publish news and photos for friends and family back home.

[/one-half] [one-half last=”y”]
Woothemes City Guide

WooThemes CityGuide

WooThemes developed this theme for directory-based wordpress sites. For example, a guide to a city with shops, restaurants and other places of interest all archived in posts with geo-tags, custom content about the locations.

Combine with the WPMUDev Directory plugin (see Special Purpose Plugins) for a great local website.

Covert PinPress

Covert PinPress Theme

The Covert PinPress makes your blog look, feel and work exactly like Pinterest – and it integrates seamlessly with Facebook and Pinterest itself in order to drive traffic to your blog on autopilot. Covert Pinpress also has a lot of customizeable features through the “Theme Options”.

If you are looking for a way to automatically add content and posts to your “Pinterest blog” you should take a loot at the Covert Content plugin available a la carte through the SpicyPress Webstore

Ultimate Video Curator Theme

Ultimate Video Curator (UVC)Theme

Ultimate Video Curator Theme for Awesome Sites.
Requires the Ultimate Video Curator plugin available a la carte through the SpicyPress Webstore

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Zeences - WordPress Portfolio & Business Theme

Zeences – WordPress Portfolio & Business Theme

Zeences WordPress Portfolio & Business theme is a premium template with dark and light skin options and includes a full-screen background image slideshow option. From Design Chemical, developer of some of the most popular WordPress plugins available.

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Amazon / / eBay / Adsense / Affiliate Marketing Themes

Covert Store Builder

Covert Store Builder

This theme is very popular because of its truly unique features – particularly self-optimizing to present more popular selling products first, integrated wish-list, and many other features.

Works better with the Covert Store Content plugin available from the SpicyPress Webstore.

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WPSense Optimized Theme

WPSense Optimized Theme

Highly optimized theme for ads and affiliate revenue. Versatile design makes sense.

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GO Sense Optimized Theme

GOSense Magazine Theme

Highly optimized theme for ads and affiliate revenue. Versatile design makes sense.

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In addition to the variety of quality themes and plugins supporting Amazon and Affiliate Marketing sites, SpicyPress delivers eCommerce Solutions for selling products. Our recommended approach is to use the Marketpress Plugin from WPMUDev. It can be used on a variety of themes. It is a versatile and well supported solution and has the significant added benefit of enabling Global Product Searches from to search the whole network of sites looking for particular products. Many people are familiar with the WooCommerce plugin and we also make the basic version of that available. If you are using a common WordPress ecommerce plugin and want to transfer your site to SpicyPress we will consider making that plugin available, and we can help with data transfer.

A very nice theme with some additional plugins has been developed specifically for MarketPress and it is recommended.

FlexMarket Theme

FlexMarket eCommerce Theme

Fully mobile responsive MarketPress theme, built using the popular Bootstrap framework. Designed to work with the WPMUDev MarketPress Plugin available a la carte through the SpicyPress Webstore

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WPMUDev Themes

WPMUDev Premium Themes

WPMUDev Themes

WPMUDev is one of the leading suppliers of premium WordPress themes and plugins. Their particular expertise is in WordPress Multisite Networks (like SpicyPress). Known for their guarantee that things work. Good designs, good features and good support.

All WPMUDev themes are available for all SpicyPress website plan levels.

More About Themes

SpicyPress uses the WordPress Blog/CMS (content management system) platform that supports thousands of themes and plugins. We have over 100 premium themes available. Please note that you DO NOT need to select your theme before registering and you can switch themes. Themes are available through your SpicyPress Admin Dashboard. We also include a convenient theme selector utility to switch between themes to see which ones you like more.

Notes About Mobile-Ready Themes & Websites

There are a few issues that you might want to consider when determining your (mobile) website solution.

For starters you can take a look at what your current website looks like on a mobile device, with a Mobile Device Emulator.

Do You Need a Mobile Website?


Very soon from now, mobile devices will be used to access the internet more than desktops/laptops… If you have any doubts that you need a Mobile Friendly website as part of your overall strategy, please review Why Mobile.

What's the Difference Between a Responsive Theme and a Mobile Template?

Mobile responsive websites (themes) resize images and layout according to the width of the browser screen (viewport) of the device used by the visitor. Basically a mobile device (smartphone or ipad/tablet) is going to get the same content that a desktop computer sees, just at different sizes and arranged differently.

However all responsive theme designs are not created equally and depending on what is included in the page content and how large the page file is, this can be less than ideal. [tippy img=”/images/icon-post-info.png” header=”off”]Related to this, some things like video formats need to change because mobile devices don’t handle them the same way as a computer (for example the iPhone can’t play Flash movies, Android devices need a specific format etc). Video players need to evolve quickly to keep up with this issue and it is one reason we recommend Cincopa among options to manage your media. More about that here.[/tippy]

To deal with this issue some website owners prefer to redirect mobile device users to different pages on their website or even completely different “mobile-only” websites that use templates specifically designed for mobile devices. In addition to designing content around a visitor using a mobile device, these templates often include different formats and software code than what is found on a site designed for desktop computers.

What are Mobile-User Redirects?

There are different options on how to determine what devices/screen sizes are being used by website visitors and where to send those visitors. [tippy img=”/images/icon-post-info.png” header=”off”]Redirect instructions are either coded in the theme or available as a plugin. PHP User Agent Detection detemines more precisely what device is being used, and JavaScript Screen Size Detection is used to make a decision based on the dimensions of the visitor’s browser screen. A lot of this happens behind the scenes but it does matter. [/tippy]

However there is a potential issue with redirects pointing mobile users to different pages on the same site because caching programs and/or CDN caching [tippy img=”/images/icon-post-info.png” header=”off”] CDN, content delivery networks, distribute content stored from servers closer to the user for better performance[/tippy] sometimes mix up the content and can display mobile styled pages on the desktop version of the website or vice versa. Rare, but it does happen.

The ideal solution is to have different websites for different types of devices. But whether this is worth the added effort and expense depends a lot upon needs, budget, expectations and business strategy.

What Are Mobile Sites Used For?

The intended purpose of a mobile website influences design and technical choices. Keep in mind that a tablet (ipad etc) might handle a responsive website just fine, but a smartphone (iPhone or Android etc) might have problems.


What Do You Need Your Mobile Site To Do?

  • Just quick contact and location info?
  • Image sliders and product descriptions? (common for restaurants)
  • Time-sensitive offers and incentive coupons?
  • Landing page with something very specific, or just general information.
  • Lead generation and integration with other web services.
  • Ecommerce Capabilities with Customers Ordering Using Their Mobile Phones?

In other words, just a few simple pages, or do you want/need much more on the mobile site? Many mobile sites only have one page, or maybe just five.

Some things that affect decisions include:

  • How are visitors arriving on your site, where do they come from? Are they returning customers or did they find you via a search engine, directory listing or referral link?
  • What should your mobile website contain? What content do you intend for your mobile visitors?
  • Landing Pages – redirected to something specific, or found through search or targeted link.
  • Redirects – give the user a choice to go to main site or mobile-site or mobile app, allow them to return to the main site without getting caught in redirect loop.
Recommendation Recap - More than One Right Answer
  • Some great themes aren’t mobile-responsive, this can be okay if you add a redirect to either a mobile designed page (which can link to more mobile pages) or a completely separate mobile website.
  • Creating mobile friendly landing pages is always a good idea.
  • Having a mobile-responsive website theme is a great first step and a quick and easy fix.
  • Adding a plugin to add mobile friendly pages to your site.
  • Create separate mobile site; and host it together with your mainsite or separately on a mobile website service.
  • For returning customers a mobile app might be a good solution – so instead of them browsing your site over the internet, your website or content gets converted into a app that is stored on their device and they can access it quickly and easily.

Genesis Themes

Genesis Premium Themes

Genesis Themes

The Genesis Framework and Themes are widely considered to be among the very best. They are favored by both beginners and advanced users including independent bloggers, small business owners, and professional web developers creating corporate websites. You can expect great designs, very good features and top-notch support.

As part of our committment to deliver top-quality performance and unbeatable value, Genesis themes are included in all SpicyPress website plans. Standard, Deluxe and Premium sites can select from forty (40) Genesis themes. Most of these are Mobile Responsive and suitable for display on tablets and smartphones (iPnones, BlackBerrys, and phones using Windows Mobile and Android).