Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing can be a good sideline business to get into, and can actually turn into a full-time career.  It is also overlooked as an excellant method for fundraising for non-profits and organizations.

However it is a lot more challenging than it used to be.   Ironically by joining SpicyPress you get access to a long list of products that are typically heavily promoted by affiliate marketers, but at a fraction of the normal cost.

If there is a niche you enjoy talking about, and/or have a bit of a social network that will help build your niche market authority and drive traffic to your site then you should consider getting involved with it.  If you’re already active in Affiliate Marketing then you will recognize the value of the tools we provide.

We also offer an in-house affiliate referall program that pays commissions to members for referring new customers.  Please visit the Affiliates page for more information.

Affiliate Marketing

If you have a website on, affiliate marketing generally involves adding outgoing links to the textual content, or adding banner advertisements to your site.  However we provide a number of  enhancements (along with tips and advice) to make it easier and more effective.

If you want a professional-grade online store with products from Amazon, Commission Junction, eBay and others, we recommend getting a site on  It is has an extensive array of online store options and other benefits for affiliate marketers.

SpicyPress customers can also earn commissions as SpicyPress Affiliates by referring customers. (details coming soon)

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The days of throwing together an Amazon shopping cart, paying for some cheap backlinks and sitting back and reaping commission checks are long gone.

That said, with Time, Effort and a little Investment, it could be worthwhile for people to get involved in.  In fact it is bigger than ever before… but it is competitive and Google is biased against simple affiliate sites, seeing them as not contributing value to the user experience (that translates into them wanting to sell advertising to you instead of ranking your site in organic search results).

However if you get the behind-the-scenes technical stuff in place, and offer meaningful content to your visitors, there is significant money to be made.  The business model is hard to fault:  people arrive on your site (or click an advertisement you create), follow a link to another site, buy something from that site, you get a commission.  For the most part your only customer support issues are building your list of repeat customers and continuing to add value to your content.